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What is all the hype about anyway? 

Relationships are Everything

R-Squared is now offering Personal & Professional Development Courses for virtually any {R}elationship you can think of  -- from consumer relationships for your business to single parent dating.

Our lead instructor Seanna Smallwood brings over 30 years of experience as a REALTOR and Sr. Loan Originator,  and  as CEO of Real Estate 1 Stop Shop, Inc. and  Communities We Love On, Inc. Seanna has a passion for helping people heal from childhood traumas which are potentially blocking their "light" from shining; therefore, stalling the ability to achieve full self-actualization. 

Seanna dives deep into the tactics required to build thriving relationships both personally and professionally, helps people discover who they are, and leads them to their divine purpose.

"A desperately needed paradigm shift for people to wake up!"

If you're looking to connect with and influence the people you know, love, and work with every day, then R-Squared Learning is for you.

Are you ready to SQUARE-Up?

About our instructor.

Our courses are instructed by author, speaker, trainer, and DV/VA victim advocate, real estate & mortgage finance expert, and marketing guru... 

Seanna Smallwood, Realtor &  Sr. Loan Originator, CEO, Real Estate 1 Stop Shop, Inc. &  Communities We Love On, Inc.

Her 30+ year career in real estate, mortgage lending, and marketing have provided her with the knowledge, skills, & abilities to help you achieve your maximum potential.   

"I'm so committed to helping people heal their traumas and success blocks, I've made the courses I teach 'Payment Optional' until further notice. Some will remain payment optional for as long as I'm alive."

Contact me directly

Email: Seanna@realestate1stopshop.com

Mobile: 240-695-2907


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"Teaching people is my passion. If I can teach everyone person I meet just one thing, then my mission will be fulfilled."

Seanna Smallwood

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For personal development.

Our personal development courses provide a comprehensive overview on a variety of topics.

We provide the resources you need to develop health, wellness, spiritual, & mindfulness growth to empower your {R}elationships. 

We provide you with a much-needed paradigm shift for understanding where the people in your life.

This enables you to identify where people are in their mental space and meet them there while healing and establishing healthy boundaries.

Personal development

I'm ready to improve my relationships

Take the courses that matter - to YOU.

Personal bundles

Personal relationship bundle

Using specific trends in therapies, we together courses to provide a comprehensive learning bundle to help you thrive in your personal relationships. 

No one heals himself by wounding another. 

St. Ambrose 

Access your full potential by enrolling in a personalized relationship bundle.

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Professional development-2

For Professional Development.

Our robust professional development platform provides you with an affordable way to pivot your strategies, identify hidden opportunities, and engage customers using the inbound lead generation methodology. 

We teach you and your team the tools and tactics needed to avoid pushing  your products and services on prospects.

Instead, we dive deep into teaching how to attract prospects into your business using proven strategies by R-Squared  {R}elationship strategies and a marketing system for REALTORS & Mortgage Professionals - that works. 



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learning bundles

Pro Learning Bundle

Our Pro Learning Bundle groups courses based on your interests allowing you to access more courses while saving money.

Our consultation allows us to provide the courses that matter most to you while passing on  savings by eliminating courses that are not relevant to you.

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